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Help Me Choose My Fireplace

Choose The Right Fireplace Which One is Right For Your Home

What type of fireplace is right for your project? Use our fireplace finder tool to discover the right fireplace for your project.

Where will your fireplace be located?

Choosing the right fireplace is crucial in creating the perfect ambiance for your home. ‘Where will your fireplace be located?’ becomes a pivotal question in this decision-making process. Will it stand as the centerpiece in your living room, drawing family and guests closer? Or perhaps find its place in a cozy nook of your bedroom, offering intimate warmth on chilly evenings?

¬†Understanding the location sets the tone for selecting the ideal fireplace‚ÄĒone that not only complements your space but also reflects your style and fulfills your specific heating needs. Whether it’s a majestic gas fireplace for the grandeur of your living area or a charming wood-burning stove nestled in a corner, the right choice transforms a mere room into a haven of comfort and luxury.”

Get warmth and comfort with convenience, stunning good looks, and low-cost energy efficiency from our innovative indoor fireplaces. Add coziness, relaxation, and higher value to your home in gas, wood, or electric designs.

Outdoor fireplaces are soaring in popularity as we connect more closely to nature and expand our living spaces. Creat a fun yet functional area for family members and guests to enjoy with an ambiance only a live fire can provide.

Have an old, ugly wood fireplace? A gas insert- which fits inside your existing hearth – is easy to install, warm your room for pennies an hour, and updates your decor. Enjoy care-free comfort without the mess and hassle of wood.

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